About Our Haunted Renovations Service in Bradenton, Florida
The process of requesting Haunted Renovations assistance is easy. If you feel that you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home or place of business, please answer the following questions:

  • Do you hear sounds in the night which cannot be explained?
  • Have you ever awoken in the early morning hours thinking someone or something is in your bedroom?
  • Do you see shadows out the corner of your eye, then turn to look only to find that they are gone?
  • Have you ever gotten the feeling that you are being watched?
  • Do you find that items are being moved about or turn up missing all together?

Tamara J. Beckel
Haunted Real Estate Expert

Garry Veitenheimer
Haunted Home Repair Expert

It is not unusual for paranormal activity to begin upon commencement of renovating a home. Otherwise dormant spirits which may be attached to the home can become quite protective when alterations begin. Their emotional energy can cause these spirits to become restless and stir about and the energy which may be emanating from the power tools may provide these spirits with the necessary strength to appear or display varying degrees of paranormal activity to the unwitting homeowner. As this situation cannot be avoided it can be less stressful if you remain calm and contact our team of paranormal renovating experts.

This same type of paranormal activity may begin when dealing with antiques. Many people love collecting antiques for the history behind these particular pieces. A spirit however may have an attachment to an object or piece of furniture and this attachment may or may not be a happy one. Some people are sensitive to spirits while others may not notice anything. If browsing through your local antique shop and every hair on your arm immediately stands on end as you approach a particular piece and then it immediately subsides as you walk away, chances are there may be a spirit attached to it.

Victorian jewelry and family heirlooms are also famous for having spirit attachments. If an overwhelming sense of sadness sweeps over you while placing that ruby ring on your finger then chances are a spirit is attached to that ring. If you happen to unknowingly bring a spirit home with you with an attachment to a particular piece of furniture, jewelry or family heirloom our team or Haunted Renovations Experts can first schedule an investigation, perform a blessing or cleansing to calm the restless spirits and then in same cases we can give that particular piece a brand new finish.
About Our Haunted Renovations Service
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