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If you are shopping for your own ghost hunting gear, equipment, books or clothing, please shop on our online store at Key West Ghost Gadgets. We have compiled all of the ghost hunting equipment you will need all in one place for your easy shopping.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking to purchase gifts for the paranormal enthusiast in your life, you will find a huge selection of ghost hunting equipment, books, and clothing. You will find items in a wide price range to suit any budget and gifts for just about any age, including The Atlantic Paranormal Society T-shirts, jackets, hats and beanies, duffle bags, and tote bags all bearing the T.A.P.S. or Ghost Hunters logo.  Other clothing and apparel also available.

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The Key West Paranormal Society is proud to offer Ghost Hunting Gear and supplies to you at the absolute lowest prices found on Amazon.com. We are real paranormal investigators and the first and only actual paranormal team in Key West, and we are performing our services FREE of charge to both businesses and private residences throughout the entire state of Florida. We have compiled some of the most popular pieces of equipment all in one place for your easy viewing. All of these pieces of equipment are actually used in the ghost hunting industry and can be ordered online directly through the Key West Paranormal Society website.

Key West Paranormal Society (K.W.P.S.) is now offering Ghost Hunting Gear, so feel free to perform your own search on the Amazon sight, or simply click on the categories listed on our "Key West Ghost Gadgets" Online Store menu where we have already compiled the most popular pieces of equipment used in the ghost hunting industry for your easy viewing. We realize that you are probably on a limited budget as most people are, so we have created a one stop shop of low priced equipment for ghost hunters and researchers everywhere.

K.W.P.S. has investigated on national television and is a non-profit corporation which can assist your family FREE of charge with your haunting anywhere in the state of Florida in addition to Key West.

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in your life!

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