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Tamara J. Beckel
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Paranormal Investigator
Florida Notary Public
Phone: 941-587-4881

Garry Veitenheimer
Haunted Home Repair
Phone: 941-224-1222

Tamara J. Beckel has been a Licensed Real Estate Broker for over 20 years, as well as the Founder and Director of one of the largest paranormal teams in the state of Florida, the Key West Paranormal Society. Garry Veitenheimer specializes in paranormal home repair and is the owner of Gator Painter & Repairs, LLC. We have the ability to investigate your paranormal activity to determine where the activity is stemming from, we can perform a cleansing or blessing to calm the spirits if needed, and we can even renovate and sell your haunted real estate.

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Contact Us For Haunted Renovations Assistance
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